Kenyan Mass PROTEST aganist high cost of living

Say no to VAT ACT 2013 (VAT ACT reloaded) Mass protest 15th October 2013

Despite pressure from member’s unga revolution and public during the month of May, June, and July to reject VAT bill, the members of parliament went ahead and passed it.

Therefore ,increasing the price of basic commodity such as unga, milk, bread, rice, sanitary towel, infant formula, fertilizer and seed placing majority of Kenyans who  currently live on less than a dollar a day at risk of hunger contrary to article 43 of the constitution that guarantee every Kenyan the right to food.

In that light members of public will stage a mass protest dubbed “Say no to VAT ACT 2013! (VAT ACT reloaded) “on 15th October 2013 in Nairobi where member will meet at Tom Mboya Monument at 10am before proceeding to parliament building to demand answers over the escalating prices of basic commodities especially food stuffs, introduction of price control bill  and calling for the full implementation of Article 43 of the constitution of Kenya

Members of unga revolution will be holding countrywide rallies, meeting and debate as part of mobilization.

We urge upon Kenyans to turn up in large numbers to show opposition to the act and exercise their Constitutional Rights as per Article 1, 3 & 37 of the Constitution of Kenya.

The Unga Revolution is a self motivated and non-violent movement of the people of Kenya aimed at realizing all the Economic and social Rights as enshrined in the Article 43 of the constitution of Kenya.

Currently the Unga Revolution is focusing on the Article 43 of the constitution ECONOMIC & SOCIAL RIGHTS-which state that all citizens have a right to Food, Housing, Healthcare, Education, Employment and Social Security.


National convener

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Unganisha wakenya

Re: seeking for a working relationship with your organization.
Unganisha Wakenya association is registered under the registrar of society in Kenya. Is a platform created to allow citizen to organize around issue and demand accountability from the government, also the platform is used to educate the masses on their role in the implementation of the constitution.
Unganisha Wakenya is a legal entity for grassroots social movement
We are therefore, writing to you as members of the Unganisha Wakenya seeking a working relationship with you and your office. Knowing your historical background in the struggle with national movements, we are glad that such of your patriotic engagements inspired the young generation to advance the same struggle within the framework of the new constitution to build an acceptable democratic state in Kenya.
We are seeking to forge a working relationship with you and other progressive forces in forming a united front for alternative political leadership and how we can advance the agenda of social change with the existing social movements.
Unganisha Wakenya has several program of educating masses on:

  •  The right to food, health, housing, security, education and social security as per article 43 of the constitution
  • Alternative political leadership (social movement participation in election in Kenya)
  • Public participation in monitoring Devolution transition, judicial and police reforms in the new constitution
  • Sensitizing the public on the importance of leaders’ compliance to chapter six of leadership and integrity.
  •  Peace building and reconciliation
  • Internship programs for local an international students
  • Training on safety and protection  of HRDs
  • legal support for human right defenders in Kenya

We look forward to having a more detailed engagement with you and your progressive team in helping to build and strengthening social movement in Kenya.


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Marcus Halaby League of 5th International

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